Q. What should I do if I have lost/found some property?

If you have lost an item whilst not on board:

If you have lost an item during your flight or at the airport please contact the airline you travelled with directly.
If you have lost an item during a P&O Cruises coach transfer please contact the relevant coach company directly. 

Lost Luggage

If you have lost/left luggage at a Southampton Cruise Terminal or left a suitcase onboard please contact our Baggage Handlers on 02380 873 111 or email: info@thebaggagehandlingcompany.com
If you have lost/left luggage at an overseas cruise terminal please contact our Customer Contact Centre please visit our website for contact details.

Non Returnable Items

Please note for reasons of hygiene, safety and storage purposes we do not handle and as such are unable to return any of the following:
· All clothing and shoes, including items such as underwear, swimwear, etc
· Items that cannot be directly traced to a guest or cabin
· Medical items, medication, toiletries and cosmetics
· Items that have been in close bodily contact, such as hearing aids, dental items, including electric toothbrushes, etc
· Consumable items of any kind 
· Items deemed unsuitable to be returned
· Duty free items
 If your item does not come under those listed above, please see below:

If you have lost an item whilst on board:

Please email us with the following details:

In the subject field of your email:
Your booking reference
The cruise number & cabin number
Brief description of lost item

In the body of your email:
Your name
The cabin number
Your email address
Your telephone number
A detailed description of lost item - include a photo if possible

Your email should be sent to lost.prop@carnivalukgroup.com or please write to:

Lost Property
Carnival UK
Carnival House
100 Harbour Parade
SO15 1ST

We will register and investigate your missing item and will only contact you if your item has been located within 21 working days.

This time frame is to allow for the ship to complete its itinerary, off load the items and for the items to be brought to Head Office to be checked and sorted. When the ships are on World, Caribbean Cruises or Mediterranean Cruises all lost property will remain on board until we can get it returned to the UK. Therefore, it may be a considerable time before items can be 100% identified and returned to you. 
If your item is located there will be an administration and postage charge to return your item. If you live outside the UK then arrangements for collection or Courier has to be made by yourself due to various restrictions on postage into other countries.

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