Q. Do you offer drinks packages?

To help you tailor your holiday just the way you like it, we’ve created four drinks packages that offer unbeatable choice and value on board. Each is available on any holiday of five nights or more and you can use your package in all the restaurants, bars and cafés on board. Please see below for more details of the packages we have available.

The ultimate drinks package

£39.95pp per day


Say ‘yes’ to a cocktail or simply sip your ‘usual’. Enjoy fantastic value and the choice of nearly every drink we serve. A Children’s package is included too. (Terms and Conditions


The Non-alcoholic drinks package

£19.95pp per day


From a poolside mocktail to a primo Costa coffee, take your pick from a huge range of refreshing soft drinks. (Terms and Conditions)


The Hot drinks package

£10.95pp per day


With a choice of unlimited primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas and hot chocolates, it’s no wonder some like it hot. (Terms and Conditions)


The Children’s drinks package

£7.95pp per day


We know how thirsty they get! Relax with unlimited selected soft drinks (also included with the Ultimate package). (Terms and Conditions)


Drinks packages went live across our fleet on the below dates:

 Azura - 26 March 2019
 Britannia - 7 April 2019
 Aurora - 8 April 2019
 Iona - TBC
 Oceana - 18 April 2019
 Ventura - 23 April 2019
 Arcadia - 5 May 2019

Drinks packages are available on cruises of five nights or more and must be purchased for every day of your cruise. 

You can buy packages at any bar on board until midnight on night two of your cruise and you can use your package in all the restaurants, bars and cafés on board.

Packages are not available to purchase pre-cruise. Each adult assigned to the same cabin must purchase the same drinks package. Sharing is not permitted.

Children can have the Children's package independently of their parents. There is no requirement for adults in the same cabin to also purchase a package.

An adult travelling alone in a cabin with children who purchases the Ultimate package, will get a free Children's package for all the children in the cabin (aged 17 and under*).


Any loyalty discount will be applied when purchasing a drinks package. 

*We listen to our guests and evolve our products to reflect their feedback. To help guests find their perfect drinks package, we’ve made our Children’s package available to anyone aged 17 and under. This also means a 17-year-old sharing a cabin with adults who’ve purchased the Ultimate drinks package will now receive the Children’s package for free.


Wine Packages

Various wine packages are available and can be redeemed in any venue on board. However, please note the following:

  • Redemption within the main dining restaurants can easily be accommodated. Simply ask your Wine Steward for your bottle of choice that evening
  • If you are dining in one of our Select Dining venues and wish to have a bottle of wine from your package made available to you, please let a member of the restaurant staff know once on board and they can arrange this for you.
  • Regrettably, due to limited storage in some of our bars, we may not have a specific wine available in every bar. If there is a particular bar you wish to have the wine available in, please ask to speak with the Main Restaurant Head Wine Steward to request this and they will do what they can to accommodate your request.

Alternatively, you can arrange to have your wine package delivered to your cabin. Please note loyalty discount will not be applied when purchasing wine packages.

For more information about bringing you own wine onboard please see Can I take a bottle of wine/champagne on board to drink in a restaurant and would a corkage fee apply?

Please note that these packages are non-refundable and may not be exchanged for another item, or for on board credit.

Self and Room Service

'Self Serve Wine' (by the glass) is available in the buffet restaurants on Aurora, Azura, Britannia and Ventura. Please see How does the enomatic wine system work in Ventura's Waterside buffet restaurant? for details. 

On Aurora, Azura and Britannia you can use your cruise card with the Enomatic wine systems for greater ease.

Single bottles of wine or Champagne can be pre ordered via our gift catalogue and spirits can be ordered via room service


For details of all drinks available from bars please see the question How much are drinks on board?  

We also offer an ice-cream package.




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