Q. Which airlines do you use?

We use a range of airlines for our fly-cruise holidays, which vary depending on your destination.

For our Mediterranean fly-cruise holidays, we use a mixture of charter and scheduled carriers including TUI Airways (TOM), Jet2 (LS), easyJet (EZY) and Air Malta (KM).

For our long-haul Caribbean fly-cruise holidays, we charter aircraft from TUI Airways (TOM) . On occasion we’ll also use British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic (VS) scheduled flights. We are pleased to be able to offer premium economy flight upgrades on our charter flights which can be added when you book your cruise, subject to availability.

On both Mediterranean and Caribbean fly-cruise holidays, the available carrier and aircraft will vary by cruise, departure date and UK departure airport. The airlines from April 2019 onwards are yet to be confirmed.

For our Exotic fly-cruises, the airlines we use vary depending on the destination; we use reputable carriers such as British Airways (BA), Emirates (EK) and Qatar Airways (QR). If you wish to tailor your flights, we can arrange for you to travel with your preferred airline, book a stop-over or upgrade your flight. Contact either your travel agent or call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply). Scheduled flight details and upgrades are available approximately 11 months prior to departure


Once your flights are confirmed, you will be able to find your flight details via Cruise Personaliser.

Please note: 

  • The flights you are allocated will depend upon availability at the time you make your cruise booking.
  • Occasionally airlines make changes to their schedules over which P&O Cruises has no control, in which case an alternative flight may need to be provided.
  • P&O Cruises has no control over which aircraft the airline uses, so the configuration and seat pitch can vary.

If your journey is made up of more than one flight sector, such as a regional UK flight to London to meet an international connection, it is unlikely that the same aircraft type will be used for the whole journey.


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