Q. What is the Skydome on Iona?

Day or night, whatever the weather, Iona’s SkyDome is the place to be for relaxation, effortless dining and dazzling entertainment. 

Iona is designed to bring the outside in. Through innovative design and unique spaces, she connects you with the sea, sky and shoreline.

Iona’s SkyDome – the first of its kind in the cruise industry – is one such space. With its glass dome roof and spacious layout, it’s flooded with natural light. It offers a relaxed, poolside environment by day, with tantalising dining and drinking options; come evening, the space seamlessly transitions into a must-visit entertainment venue, showcasing spectacular aerialist performances and playing host to party nights under the stars. It’s a fun and welcoming space for families, offering laid-back dining, exciting entertainment, a swimming pool and room to roam.

SkyDome sits on two decks – deck 16 is where you’ll find food and drink, as well as the swimming pool, whirlpools and sun loungers. Deck 17, meanwhile, is a mezzanine level offering a bar and seating area, making it perfect for relaxing during the day or watching the entertainment at night.

By day or by night, for early birds and night owls, SkyDome is the place to spend quality time at sea.



SkyDome gets going bright and early. From 7am, you can enjoy poolside relaxation and a morning coffee. It has the feel of an English park in summer with natural shapes and textures, and features a central pool and two whirlpools with a mix of sun loungers and comfortable reclining chairs to kick back and relax. Sip a coffee with a sea view, stroll around the mezzanine level or enjoy a relaxed lunch overlooking the pool.

Food & drink
SkyDome offers a dynamic dining concept that includes a grill, pizzeria and street food. Finish off a mouth-watering lunch with a selection of premium ice cream from Sundaes. Later in the afternoon, enjoy an early dinner with casual dining or a cheeky afternoon tipple from one of the three bars.

SkyDome is the place to be for relaxation and laid-back entertainment during the day. The mornings are peaceful and quiet – grab a coffee and a lounger and spend some time reclining by the swimming pool. As the day progresses, so does the entertainment. In the afternoon, you can catch a glimpse of the aerial performers rehearsing while you soak in a whirlpool, or enjoy an intimate live music performance with an afternoon cocktail in hand.


At night, SkyDome comes alive. The mood changes from daytime to show time, with stunning audiovisual effects including dazzling light shows creating a dynamic ambience. The swimming pool transforms into a stage for the night’s entertainment, while spectacular aerial acrobatics shows make full use of SkyDome’s height. It all adds up to a feast for the senses.

Food & drink
SkyDome continues to offer informal dining options at night, offering self-service dishes, salads, fresh pizza and regional dishes. Three bars – the Laguna, Crystal and Sky bars – will serve a bar menu of cold and hot drinks. For a sweet treat, visit Sundaes for a full selection of premium ice cream. SkyDome is also the spot for pre-dinner drinks on Gala Evenings.

The night’s entertainment really gets going when the swimming pool transforms into a stage – a well choreographed routine that’s entertaining to watch on its own. Afterwards, relax and take in the evening entertainment, including aerialist performances. After the shows, the space transitions into a party night. DJs will play while you dance under the night sky – no matter the weather.

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