Q. What does 'rolling tiers' mean?

Those with 2501 or more points in the Peninsular Club will be able to move in and out of the two upper tiers based on their travel frequency over a rolling three year period.

When assessing if you are applicable to be in either the Baltic or Ligurian tiers for a cruise, we check to see if you have met the first criteria which is if you have the required 2501 points. If so we then look at the second criteria which is if you have completed 80+ days on board in the three years preceding the date of your cruise. For example if you embarked on a cruise on the 1st July 2012, we would count up your days spent on board, back to 1st July 2009. If you then cruised again in December 2013, the nights would be counted back to December 2010.

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