Q. Can I do more than one Shore Experience/Excursion on the same day?

We recommend that you leave 45 minutes to 1 hour between two experiences. However if for any reason, the morning shore experience is delayed and returns to the ship late and subsequently you are too late to take the afternoon shore experience, you will still be charged for the tour (this is because the tour agent will be expecting certain numbers of passengers as the ship provide them with these details 48 hours prior to arrival).

Shore experiences can be late back for many reasons - traffic congestion being the main one and large cities can be very busy so your tour could run over the scheduled time. At some ports of call, immigration may also ask to see your passport or tour tickets and potentially this can delay the experience departure time.

Please refer to the Holiday Information booklet which can be accessed via the Cruise Personaliser or My P&O Cruises approximately 12 weeks prior to departure for the shore experiences terms and conditions.

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