Q. How far is the port from the main town, city or attractions?

Wherever possible, your ship will dock at a quayside allowing you to come and go as you please via the ship's gangway.  Sometimes, in smaller ports, the ship will anchor at sea and tenders will offer a free and frequent service ashore, such ports are represented by anchor symbol.

Depending on the number of people wishing to go ashore, you can normally expect to be ashore about an hour after time of arrival.


Shuttle buses

With our Select Prices, shuttle buses will be offered free of charge in ports where they are provided by P&O Cruises. If other promotional prices are introduced, these will not be offered with free shuttle buses in port. The prices for the shuttles vary according to the port and will be advised once on-board.


Port information

In some countries we've listed the main destination in the itinerary and shown the port in brackets e.g Rome (tours from Civitavecchia).  In these circumstances we take you to the port advertised and then offer shore excursions to reach the main destination. Where the ship berths some distance from the port centre, guests who wish to go ashore independently will usually find local public transport connections and private taxis close to the ship.  If you book a Select Price we also offer shuttle buses free of charge in ports where they are provided by P&O Cruises.  There are certain ports (where alternative local transport options are limited or where there are health & safety reasons), where we will offer free shuttle buses to all guests regardless of whether you have booked under Select Price or other promotion prices. 


A shuttle bus port information guide can be accessed through your Cruise Personaliser.


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