Q. What is the currency in...?

Please view the currency list to find the country and currency you are looking for.

Please note that it may not be possible to always carry all of the below currencies on board on all cruises. Please speak to reception once you are on board who will be able to advise you. 

You may also find the question "Can I get foreign currency on board?" useful




Alternative Currency (For when we do not sell the local currency on board)

Antigua East Caribbean Dollar US Dollar
Aruba Aruban Florin US Dollar
Australia Australian Dollars  
Barbados Barbadian Dollar US Dollar
Belgium Euro  
Brazil Brazilian Real US Dollar
British Virgin Islands US Dollar  
Canada Canadian Dollar  
Canary Islands Euro  
Catalina Island US Dollar  
China Renminbi (Yuan)  
Corsica Euro  
Costa Rica Costa Rican Colón US Dollar
Croatia Croatian Kuna  
Curacao Netherlands Antillean Guilder US Dollar
Cyprus Euro  
Denmark Danish Krone  
Dominica East Caribbean Dollar US Dollar
Dutch Antilles Netherlands Antillean Guilder US Dollar
Egypt Egyptian Pound US Dollar/ Euro
England Pound (Sterling)  
Estonia Euro  
Finland Euro  
France Euro  
French Polynesia French Pacific Franc  
Germany Euro  
Gibraltar Gibraltar Pound  Pound (sterling)
Grand Cayman Cayman Islands Dollar  US Dollar
Grand Turk US Dollar  
Greece Euro  
Greenland Danish Krone  
Grenada East Caribbean Dollar US Dollar
Guernsey Guernsey Pound Pound (Sterling)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar  
Iceland Icelandic Króna  Euro
India India Rupee  US Dollar
Ireland Euro  
Isle Of Man Manx Pound Pound (Sterling)
Israel Israeli New Shekel  
Italy Euro  
Jamaica Jamaican Dollar US Dollar
Japan Japanese Yen  
Latvia Euro  
Limon Costa Rican Colon US Dollar
Madeira Euro  
Majorca Euro  
Malaysia Ringgit  
Malta Euro  
Margarita Island Venezuelan Bolivar US Dollar
Mexico Mexican Peso US Dollar
Monaco Euro  
Montenegro Euro  
Morocco Moroccan Dirham Euro
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar  
Nicaragua Nicaraguan Cordoba US Dollar
Northern Ireland Pound (Sterling)  
Norway Norwegian Krone  
Poland Zloty Euro
Ponta Delgada Euro  
Portugal Euro  
Princess Cays US Dollar  
Russia Russian Ruble Euro
San Juan US Dollar  
Scotland Pound (Sterling)  
Shetland Islands Pound (Sterling)  
Sicily Euro  
Singapore Singapore Dollar  
South Africa South African Rand  
Spain Euro  
Spitsbergen Norwegian Krone  
St Kitts East Caribbean Dollar US Dollar
St Lucia East Caribbean Dollar US Dollar
St Maarten Netherlands Antillean guilder US Dollar
St Vincent East Caribbean Dollar US Dollar
Sweden Swedish Krona  
Tenerife Euro  
The Bahamas Bahamian Dollar US Dollar
The Netherlands Euro  
Tortola US Dollar  
Tunisia Tunisian Dinar Euro
Turkey Turkish Lira Euro
Ukraine Ukrainian Hryvnia Euro
United Arab Emirates Dirham US Dollar
USA US Dollar  
Venezuela Venezuelan Bolivar US Dollar
Wales Pound (Sterling)  

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