Q. What are the benefits of booking a Shore Experience/Excursion?

So why book a shore experience with P&O Cruises?

Something for everyone
We offer a wide range of cruise tours to suit all ages, interests and abilities, from leisurely sightseeing tours, to action packed activities, to lazy days on the beach.

Value for money
With entrance fees, transportation, English speaking guides, lunches and refreshments included on many of our tours (where advertised), a shore experience with P&O Cruises can provide excellent value for money. Better still, on many of the experiences you won't have to queue at attractions and landmarks, allowing you even more time to see the destination.

Peace of mind
If your shore experience is delayed ashore, the ship will not leave without you. So, by taking an experience with P&O Cruises you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings without clock watching. You can also rest assured that in the event of a last minute change to your cruise itinerary, we will fully refund any pre-booked tours that you miss.

Plan ahead
We provide detailed information on each cruise tour so that you can clearly see the duration and price of each experience, as well as the level of activity involved and a full description of what you will be seeing and doing.

By reserving your cruise tours online or by phone we will be able to confirm your choices immediately (subject to availability). That way you'll have more time to enjoy yourself once on-board, safe in the knowledge that you are booked on the experiences you really wanted to do.
There's a world out there and we can help you to explore it. The experiences are charged in pounds sterling. This means that you'll be getting a great day ashore at the best possible price, particularly in light of the current exchange rates.

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