Q. How do I request private arrangements for a Shore Experience/Excursion for a wheelchair user?

P&O Cruises can offer private arrangements on request for part time and full time wheelchair users. In many ports these can be operated by adapted transport for full-time wheelchair users, however the availability of this type of vehicles may be limited. Passengers who are able to transfer to a standard seat and have collapsible wheelchair can also request a private arrangement by standard car.


If you wish to make enquiries regarding private arrangements, please email shoremobilityinfo@carnivalukgroup.com no later than two weeks prior to sailing date with the following details.

  • Passenger name , cruise number, cabin number, booking reference and contact email address
  • Number of wheelchair users and companions in the party
  • Port of call and date of call of where the passenger wishes to arrange the itinerary for
  • Type of vehicle required (adapted vehicle or standard car)
  • Does the passenger want a Guide and a driver or just an English speaking driver (upon request, subject to availability)
  • The name of the shore experience featured in our regular shore experience programme. 
  • Approximate duration
  • Approximate departure time
  • Combined weight of the wheelchair + wheelchair user (please note: the mobility and medical questionnaire must be sent to us before we can make any enquiry about the private arrangement request with our operators)

Accessible shore experiences will be charged to your on board account as it is not possible to book these on line.

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