Q. How much time in port will I have?


Arriving in a port of call brings the promise of brand new experiences, whether you enjoy exploring, adventure or simply, relaxing. 

The time the ship will be in port will vary from cruise to cruise and port to port.  Your itinerary will indicate whether the port call will be a half day, a full day, an evening, two full days or a combination of these.


Half day calls are usually a minimum of five hours and a maximum of seven hours with full days being a minimum of seven and a half hours and a maximum of eleven hours. 

Evening calls follow a full day in port and the ship will typically depart after 9pm and during two full days enjoy a minimum of 32 hours and a maximum of 40 hours in port.


Please note that the timings given above are based on the ships arrival and departure times, not the length of time you will have ashore. These are intended as guidelines as only the actual times vary. We will keep you regularly updated of arrival and departure times while you are on-board.


While shore experiences and guided tours are extra, you’ll find they open your eyes to hidden delights, as well as introduce you to lesser-known local delicacies and places of interest.  And by taking a shore experience with P&O Cruises, we’ll ensure you won’t miss the ship’s departure at the end of the day.

Shore experiences are typically available to book online through your Cruise Personaliser or My P&O Cruises approximately 12 weeks prior to travel. Shore experiences are subject to availability, so we recommend booking as early as possible to secure a place on the tours of your choice. Or, you can of course book your tours once on-board, where the shore experiences team will be happy to recommend tours for you.


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