Q. How can I book a Shore Experience/Excursion?

Accessible Shore Excursions are:

  • Sent to Guests who cannot board a coach or are full time wheelchair users
  • They will only be sent to the guest if the guest has completed a Medical/Mobility questionnaire and advised us of this
  • They are sent 12 weeks and then again at 4 weeks prior to departure via email.
  • Agent booking – If the passengers email address has been entered the information will be sent to them, if not the information will go to the agents email address.
  • Direct Booking - Information will automatically be emailed if the direct email address has been entered or if there is no email address the information will be posted
  • Not suitable for mobility scooter users - Please see Can I take an electric wheelchair or scooter in an accessible vehicle?

What date are they sent?

We have put the document together for all ships now, instead of ship specific. The information is up to 2020, but excludes Iona at the moment. Once we have information for Iona we will update again. 

The 'Date to Run Second Report' column is the date a second report is ran (by the accessible shore excursions team) to pick up any guests who have booked after the first report has been run. This is run 4 weeks prior to sailing.

If a guest books a cruise after the date in the 'Date to Run Second Report' column then please email the accessible shore excursions team (shoremobilityinfo/OPS/CarnivalUK) with the Guests name, booking reference and a request for the excursion details to be sent to them. This is because no more reports will be run.

Things to Remember

  • You can find the accessible tours and port information via \\carnivaluk.com\Depts\CCO\P&O Cruises Direct\Projects\Accessible Shore Ex info\Accessible Info sheets 2019
  • Guests will be able to reply via email with their tour request
  • The shore excursion will be charged to guests on board account as it is not possible to book these via Cruise Personaliser.
  • We are unable to accept mobility scooters on an accessible vehicle, as we are unable to secure these.
  • Please can we remind you that any accessible shore excursion queries should only be sent to the Shore Mobility in-box using email address shoremobilityinfo@carnivalukgroup.com.
  • The booking will be taken on a request basis, guests will receive an email notification once their tours have been requested. This may still be subject to change and is dependent on tour restrictions, final confirmation will be received once on board.  
  • Bookings can be taken up to 3 days prior to sailing and we recommend guests speak to the shore excursions team on board.
  • Guests are able to book on board, subject to availability.


How to Book

  • If you receive a call from a guest wanting to book, please advise they are able to book accessible tours by completing the form in the email sent to them and replying via email.
  • Guests accessible shore excursions are charged to their on board account and their loyalty benefits would apply. Please see What are the benefits of the loyalty club? 
  • Alternatively if the passenger is having trouble completing the booking form in the original email you can copy and paste the below accessible request form and enter the following subject format into your Lotus Notes, once you have completed this please send to the Shore Mobility in-box using email address shoremobilityinfo@carnivalukgroup.com.
  • Once a copy of the form has been emailed to the Shore Mobility inbox the request will be processed within 5 working days. Once processed, Guest Services will add a note to the booking with noted request.

Booking form - Cruise number **** - Booking reference ****** - Name ******  


Tour  Code 

Wheelchair user name


Booking reference

How many 
Wheelchair users

How many companions spaces

Manual or Electric


If Electric please provide combined wheelchair and user weight in Kg

Can you transfer
from your 
wheelchair to a seat 
Yes or No ?



















































































We regret that you are unable to take mobility scooters on accessible shore excursions as they cannot be secured safely in the adapted vehicles. 

7 days before sailing or less

Please ensure you are using the same Accessible request form above, however please use the below subject format. This is very important and helps the Accessible Shore Excursions Team to sort through them to make sure those urgent requests are looked at first.

URGENT - Booking form - Cruise number **** - Booking reference ****** - Name ****** (Sailing in ** days)

Please do not confirm any accessible shore excursions to guests when they are on the phone requesting them. Accessible tours may not take place for a number of reasons and they will not find out 100% until they are on-board the ship


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