Q. What is there to do on a cruise?


Life on board our luxurious ships is not hard to adapt to. We enjoy spoiling you so you can spend your free time doing exactly what you want, when you want.

On sea days your itinerary could be as simple as basking by the pool with a page-turning best-seller or heading to the spa to choose from a range of blissful therapies and facials.


Be sure to catch a show, indulge in some retail therapy, or treat yourselves to a table for two in one of our Select Dining restaurants.


Savouring the flavours of a carefully crafted lunch

You can be sure there will be an attentive waiter ready to offer advice if the heavenly menu is making it too difficult to decide.


Looking for a bit more action

There are movies and quizzes, talks, demonstrations and classes by all fields of experts run throughout the day, not forgetting the gym and fitness classes.


Families will love the flexibility of The Reef children’s clubs, which offer safe havens for teens and little ones alike.


As we dock there’s a tingle of anticipation about the exotic wonders ahead. Will today’s destination highlight be sojourn through Norway’s majestic fjords, or perhaps it might be the taste of a Pina Colada sipped straight from a freshly fallen coconut on a palm-fringed beach.


It may cross your mind that ocean travel is more ‘you’ than you ever imagined it would be. The chances are you are all thinking the same thing, yes indeed. This is the life.

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