Q. Do you have theme nights on board?

Yes. For details of the specific Theme Nights on any cruise (except Britannia), please see What will the dress code be whilst I am on-board?  The exact dates that Theme Nights are held will be confirmed once on-board.

Theme Nights you might expect to find on-board a P&O Cruises holiday:

  • 60s & 70s
  • 80s & 90s
  • Black & White
  • Country & Western
  • Tropical 
  • Pirates Deck Party


Dressing for theme nights:

Getting involved and dressing up for a Theme Night is great fun, but it isn’t compulsory. Theme nights take place in the more relaxed ship venues, such as the pub, pool deck, or sports bar. Please check Horizon (P&O Cruises daily schedule delivered to your cabin) to find out where your Theme Night is being held. To ensure everyone has a great time, Theme Night outfits should only be worn in the advertised Theme Night venue.


If you choose not to dress up for a Theme Night, or want to visit another venue, please adhere to the ship’s Dress Code for that evening. You will also find the Dress Code for each evening detailed on the front cover of your Horizon.


If you’d like to get into the spirit of Theme Night, suggestions on what you could pack and wear are below.


Black and White

These are always on our Black Tie evenings, and you are most likely to find gentleman in tuxedo’s or black suits. You could also wear all white, or all black, ladies can do exactly the same.


60s, 70s or 80s

Dress styles and music appropriate to that decade.



Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, flower necklaces may be provided on-board.


Country & Western

Cowboy hats and boots, checked shirts.


Forgotten your Theme Night outfit?

Don’t panic! All you need to do is check your Horizon, which will state the alternative Dress Code for the evening - normally Evening Casual, or Black Tie.




Theme Nights on-board Britannia are a real spectacle! If you fancy joining in the fun you are welcome to take part with a themed outfit, but this isn’t compulsory. Events and themes vary by cruise so check Cruise Personaliser before you sail where Dress Code details can be found.


80s Night

You know the words so sing along! Enjoy all the 80s classics in the Live Lounge as our vocalists, live band and entertainment team take a trip down memory lane. As this is held on a casual evening, why not join in with the fun and dress as your favourite 80’s pop star.


Movies and Music Night

Relive iconic scenes from the big screen with a soundtrack from the all time greats. The Live Lounge band, vocalists and entertainment team bring to life music from the movies. If you like dressing up, why not pack and come as your favourite film star!


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