Q. Which cruises will be Strictly Come Dancing themed cruises?


If you’re a fervent fan of fab-u-lous Strictly, then our Strictly Come Dancing themed cruises are sure to dazzle and delight. And now they’re bigger and better than ever. Not only will you be wowed by the slick and sizzling dance displays, but you can enjoy so much more… a chance to trip the light fantastic and have a bite to eat with all-new private one-to-one lessons, and dinner in a speciality restaurant hosted by a spectacular pro dancer, both bookable, with a fee, on board. Later, get ready to Rumba near Rome. Strut your stuff in the Bay of Biscay. Do the Jive in Gibraltar or a Tango in Toulon. You can enjoy the action from the audience or don your dance shoes and take part yourself. Either way, this is your chance to get closer to the pro dancers, the sequins and all the sparkle of Strictly.

The following cruises will be BBC Strictly Come Dancing themed cruises:



A917 - 29 June-13 July 2019

Dancers to be confirmed at a later date

A919 - 20 July-3 August 2019

Dancers to be confirmed at a later date




B909 - 7-20 April 2019

Dancers to be confirmed at a later date



 N914 - 2-16 June 2019

Dancers to be confirmed at a later date

Please note all details are subject to change.


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