Q. Can I use my mobile phone whilst on board?

Most people find their mobiles work well at sea. Signal strength can vary a bit, but you should be able to do all the usual things – make and receive calls, send text messages and photos.

You will see Telenor Maritime or 90112 on your mobile’s display. This means you are using International Marine Roaming and the cost of making and receiving calls and texts will be added to your mobile bill, not your ship account.

Your service provider should be able to give you a breakdown of all charges. Please note that charges for "pay as you go" can vary to those of contract phones on the same network.

Due to the ship’s location, there may be occasions where your phone is unable to find a signal.


If you wish to use the internet on your phone whilst on board, please see "Can I access the internet on board?"

Please note - Prior to sailing, guests may need to contact their mobile phone providers to ensure International Roaming is enabled.



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