Q. When are the Legends at Sea cruises?


Learn from a Legend

Ever wondered what it takes to reach the top in your favourite sport? Now’s the time to find out.

With Legends at Sea, you can learn what makes elite athletes tick and children can even take part in coaching sessions with them. Exclusively for P&O Cruises, top-flight professionals from a variety of sports including football, rugby and athletics join us on board to share the wisdom amassed during their glittering careers.

Take advantage of private coaching sessions for children, gain insight into the sporting world during Q&A sessions open to all or even meet the legend in person at an intimate hosted dinner. And who knows, it might inspire the next generation of sporting superstars?

Guests athletes for 2019 include Jason Robinson OBE (Rugby), Stuart Pearce MBE (Football) and Geraint Jones (Cricket).

To view a list of all the scheduled Legends at Sea cruise for 2019 please click here, and to see more information about the Legends we have confirmed so far please click here.

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