Q. Is there an ice cream package available?

There is a great value package available for our 'Mr Whippy' style soft serve ice cream on Azura, Britannia, Ventura & Oceana.

There are two packages that offer ice cream. The standard Ice Cream Package offers 20 soft serve vanilla ice creams, while the Ice Cream and Soft Drinks Package* offers 20 soft serve vanilla ice creams and 20 draught sodas.

You may pre purchase the Ice Cream Package from our gift guide prior to sailing by calling our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) or once on board by contacting Reception.

Please enquire on board about the Ice Cream and Soft Drinks Package as availability may be limited while our drinks packages are under review.

This package is not available on Arcadia, Aurora or Oriana *not available on Azura and does not apply to any other ice cream product option or falvour.

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