Q. Can I keep in touch with home?


Yes, you can call home via your cabin telephone or using your mobile phone over the ships phone network. You can also buy an internet package on board and access your own personal email account via the ship’s Wi-Fi using either your mobile, tablet, laptop or on a computer in the Library. Failing that, why not send a traditional post card via the on board post box.



All cabins are equipped with a telephone for satellite calls. Reception may vary depending on the location of the ship and time of day. Please see question: How much does it cost to call ashore from the ship?

You may also use your own mobile telephone subject to signal reception. Please see Can I use my mobile phone whilst on board? for details.



Alternatively, access to email is available on your own device via the ship’s Wi-Fi or on the computer terminals in the Library. If you do not have your own email address, the Cyber Librarian will be happy to help you set one up. Access to email services are available though both The Works and The Browse satellite internet packages, Both can be purchased on board, with The Browse Package available to purchase before you sail - visit your Cruise Personaliser for full details. Due to the nature of our connectivity we may not always be able to guarantee a consistent connection.



You can send post cards and letters Concierge Postage Service. Postage stamps are not sold on board, however you will still be able to send mail (letters and postcards) from the ship. Please visit reception and hand your mail over, where it will be stamped with the ship's rubber postage stamp and passed ashore at the earliest opportunity where it will then be sent via standard mail processes to your friends and family back home.

Mail will be taken ashore 2 hours prior to departure, or 3 hours prior to departure when the ship is anchored off shore and a tender operation is in place.

A fixed postal rate will be charged to your on board account for each item sent. The amount of which varies, dependant on the cruise itinerary. Details will be made available to you on board.

Should you have already placed postage stamps on your mail, these will still be collected from at Reception and passed ashore with all other mail. Alternatively, standard postal services are available ashore.

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