Q. What is freedom dining and which restaurants are reserved for this?

Freedom dining is a flexible style of cruise dining, where you can arrive at the restaurant at any time between 18.00 and 21.30 and ask to be seated.

There are tables sizes ranging from two to eight, which are provided on a first come, first serve basis dependant on the type of booking you have made*. If the table size you require is not available, you will be given a pager that will notify you once a table becomes available.

Freedom dining offers you the opportunity to be seated with different people every night on different sized tables and with different waiters serving you.

Freedom dining is available on Arcadia, AuroraAzura, Britannia, IonaOceana and Ventura.

Iona will operate as solely freedom dining in the Main Dining Restaurants. 


Freedom Dining will be held in the following restaurants:

Azura - The Meridian Restaurant and The Peninsular Restaurant
Oceana - The Ligurian Restaurant
Ventura - The Cinnamon Restaurant and The Saffron Restaurants
Arcadia - Upper tier of Meridian Restaurant
Aurora  – The Medina Restaurant
Britannia - The Peninsular and Meridian Restaurants


* Please note P&O Select Fare bookings will take dining allocation priority over Early Saver or other promotional fares.

Guests on Early Saver fare bookings have the option of advising us of their preference up to five days prior to departure. You may submit your preference at the end of the booking process if booking on line, via the Cruise Personaliser or My P&O Cruises after booking or via the link above.

You will not receive confirmation of your preference and will be notified of your allocation once on-board.

Guests on other promotional fares will have dining allocated once on-board.

P&O Waiter Service

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