Q. Can I purchase duty free liquor and tobacco on board?

Yes, on all P&O Cruises Ships there will be a Liquor and Tobacco shop that will offer a far more comprehensive range of spirits, cigarettes and tobacco than we have ever offered on a P&O Cruises ship. Not only will you be offered significant savings over UK high street pricing, but the shop will guarantee to be cheaper than any comparable outlets - including any shops you many encounter ashore during your cruise. Internet pricing is not included in the guarantee.

Duty Free Liquor products sold via the shops will only be available to take home. You may order via the shops (detailed below) at any time throughout the cruise and orders will be available for collection at the end of your cruise (you will be given details where and when you can collect your orders).  The shops are shut when the ship is in port.

Tobacco and Cigarette products can be bought via the shops at any time and taken away immediately.

Duty free shops are located in the below locations by ship:

Azura - Emporium - Deck 6
Arcadia - Emporium - Deck 3
Aurora - Piccadilly Court - Deck 6
Britannia - Deck 6
Oceana - Bond Street Shops - Deck 6
Ventura - Emporium - Deck 6

If you would like to purchase a bottle of spirits for in cabin consumption during your cruise you may do so by ordering via room service (also, from May 2017 we are introducing an exciting new range of chargeable items to the menu).


Intra EU Cruises (Cruises visiting only Countries within the European Union)
On intra EU voyage we are unable to sell any duty free liquor or tobacco for on board consumption or to take ashore from the shops on board. 
Price Guarantee
The shops will offer a price guarantee on liquor and tobacco purchases for take ashore purposes. We guarantee the shop will be cheaper than any comparable outlets - including any shops ashore during the voyage. You will need to be able to provide proof of the cheaper price from recognised retailers. Online price comparisons are not included. If you have already purchased on board the shop will refund you the difference back onto your on board account. If you have not yet purchased and have proof of the cheaper price ashore the shop will price match for you.

For further information, please see:
"What are the duty free limits set by customs? - Travelling within the EU"

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