Q. Do you offer drinks packages?

Yes, we only offer the various drinks packages below which are available to book prior to your sailing or you may purchase these packages on board. If you would like to book one of the drinks packages please call our Customer Contact Centre please visit our website for contact details.  By pre booking these packages you will be asked to pay for these at time of ordering. Please note that all items / prices are subject to availability and where applicable, alternatives may be offered. 


Soft Drinks Package

A soft drinks package is available to purchase at a cost of £35* which includes 20 refills of 330ml soft drinks from any bar (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Lemonade & Tonic).  This would give you an approximate saving of 10% on normal costs. 

Costa Coffee Card

A coffee card is available to purchase at a cost of £22.00* which includes 10 Primo (12oz) Costa coffees, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino or Iced coffees. This would give you an approximate saving of up to 20% on normal costs. 

*subject to change

Wine Packages

Various wine packages are available. Wine packages can be consumed either in the restaurant or in your cabin.  Please note loyalty discount will not be applied when purchasing wine packages.

Please note that these packages are non-refundable and may not be exchanged for another item, or for on board credit.

We currently do not offer a package for beer and/or spirits.

Self and Room Service

A 'Self Serve Wine Package' (by the glass) is available on Ventura. Please see How does the enomatic wine system work in Ventura's Waterside buffet restaurant? for details. 

Single bottles of wine or Champagne can be pre ordered via our gift catalogue (our brochure is currently unavailable, a revised brochure will be ready soon) and spirits can be ordered via room service (also, from May 2017 we are introducing an exciting new range of chargeable items to the menu)


For details of all drinks available from bars please see the question How much are drinks on board?  

We also offer a ice-cream package.

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