Q. What is the brand of coffee sold in coffee shops on board?

Costa Coffee is available to purchase in the various coffee shops and bars on board. These are:

- Cafe Vivo (Prom Deck), Spinnakers (F deck) and The Crow's Nest
Aurora - Raffles (D Deck), The Crow`s Nest , Crystal Bar and The Glasshouse
Azura - Java (P Deck), Planet Bar, Blue Bar, The Glasshouse, Sundaes & Coral Bar on Deck
Britannia - Java (Deck 7), Market Cafe, Crows Nest (Lido Deck), The Glasshouse & Sundaes on Deck
Oceana - Explorers (F Deck) & Tiffany's (Prom Deck)
Ventura - Tazzine (P Deck), Frankies, Red Bar, The Exchange, The Glasshouse


Complimentary coffee is available in the buffet areas.

In addition, Costa Ice is available to purchase on board. A range of iced coffees, creamy coolers and fruit coolers to help quench your thirst in the heat of the sun. Further details on these products is available on board.

Please see Do you offer drinks packages? for more information.

You may find the following question useful - How much are drinks on board.

Complimentary tea and coffee are available in your cabin - Can I make tea and coffee in my cabin? and also in buffet restaurants throughout the day.

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