Q. Can I pre-purchase specific seats on my flights?

How you pre-purchase flight seats varies depending on whether you are travelling on a chartered or scheduled flight. For more information you may find the following question useful: How do I know if I am travelling on a chartered or scheduled flight?

Flight Seat Booker on selected charter flights

If you are booked on one of our chartered flights, you will be able to pre-purchase your seats through Cruise Personaliser. Flight Seat Booker will open approximately 14 weeks prior to departure and close approximately one week prior to departure.


If you’re in the Baltic or Ligurian tier of the Peninsular Club, you will receive a two day priority booking window in which to pre-purchase your flights seats prior to them going on general sale. The latest opening dates for our fly-cruise holidays can be found below.


To access Flight Seat Booker log on to Cruise Personaliser using your cruise booking reference. At the top of the page you’ll find an option called "Getting There and Back", from there you select "Flights". This will show your flight details and, if your flights seats are available to purchase, a "Book Seats" button will be displayed. You will then be able to select and purchase your seats.


Flight Seat Booker prices

The costs for pre-purchasing seats on our chartered flights are shown below. All seats are subject to availability. 

Prices are per person and per one way flight. At the bottom of this page is a table showing the Flight Seat Booker On Sale dates.









    Start Date

   End Date

       Standard Seats

     Emergency Exit Seats

2018 Mediterranean fly- cruises (TUI Airways)





2018/19 Caribbean fly-cruise





Winter 2018/19  Dubai & Arabian Gulf fly-cruises: Oceana (Virgin Atlantic)





2019 Mediterranean fly- cruises (TUI Airways) **





  * Flight Seat Booker Fee also applies for guests travelling in Premium Economy

** As seats are pre-purchased directly with Thomas Cook Airlines, P&O Cruises has no control over the seat maps and cannot help with any specific seat requests.



No refunds are available on seats purchased via Flight Seat Booker. 


Chartered Flights - Infants 0-2 years

A child/infant on a charter flight who is under the age of 2 years will always be assigned a seat next to an adult under the same booking reference and will receive the full baggage allowance.  If you plan to take an infant car seat on board it should have a 5-point harness.

There are only a few seats available for infant car seats on each flight; these are usually next to a window. Please call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply). If you want to choose your seats on Flight Seat Booker, the prices apply to all guests in your party, including infants.


Emergency Exit seats

These are subject to availability and are only available to those guests who are fully mobile and over 16 years of age. You will be asked to confirm that you comply with the relevant terms and conditions prior to booking your seats. The airline reserves the right to move guests from Emergency Exit seats if they feel that the safety of guests and crew may be compromised.

Changes to your booked seat

You can amend seats booked through Flight Seat Booker up until 8 days prior to departure. If your new seats are of greater value than your original seats selection, you will be required to pay the difference.  No refunds will be given for seat selection of a lesser value.

If you have pre-booked seats on a scheduled flight and wish to amend your selection, please contact the airline directly for assistance.

Reduced Mobility Seating

Our chartered flights have a limited number of seats which are designated for those guests with reduced mobility. These seats are assigned one week prior to departure.  Once we have received all Medical/Mobility questionnaires they will be reviewed and priority will be given to those with the greatest need.

Reduced mobility seats are subject to availability and are assigned on a case by case basis. You will not be considered for a reduced mobility seat if you have not completed a Medical/Mobility questionnaire. Should you require a questionnaire please call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply), or contact your travel agent. Mobility questionnaires must be returned no later than 14 days prior to departure.

For further information you may find the following question useful: What types of airport assistance are available?



Flight Seat Booker On Sale Dates


Winter 2018/19  Caribbean fly-cruise: Azura and Britannia

Seats on our TUI Airways chartered flights can be purchased via Cruise Personaliser.

If you are booked on any other airline, you may be able to book seats through their website – see Scheduled flights and shared charter flights below.

11-Jan-19 A901 03-Oct-18 05-Oct-18 04-Jan-19
12-Jan-19 A901A 04-Oct-18 06-Oct-18 05-Jan-19
12-Jan-19 B901C / B901D 04-Oct-18 06-Oct-18 05-Jan-19
18-Jan-19 B902 10-Oct-18 12-Oct-18 11-Jan-19
19-Jan-19  B902A / B902B 11-Oct-18 13-Oct-18 12-Jan-19
25-Jan-19  A902 17-Oct-18 19-Oct-18 18-Jan-19
26-Jan-19  A902A 18-Oct-18 20-Oct-18 19-Jan-19
26-Jan-19  B902C / B902D 18-Oct-18 20-Oct-18 19-Jan-19
01-Feb-19  B903 24-Oct-18 26-Oct-18 25-Jan-19
02-Feb-19  B903A / B903B 25-Oct-18 27-Oct-18 26-Jan-19
08-Feb-19  A903 31-Oct-18 02-Nov-18 01-Feb-19
09-Feb-19  A903A 01-Nov-18 03-Nov-18 02-Feb-19
09-Feb-19 B903C / B903D 01-Nov-18 03-Nov-18 02-Feb-19
15-Feb-19 B904 07-Nov-18 09-Nov-18 08-Feb-19
16-Feb-19  B904A / B904B 08-Nov-18 10-Nov-18 09-Feb-19
22-Feb-19 A904 14-Nov-18 16-Nov-18 15-Feb-19
23-Feb-19 A904A 15-Nov-18 17-Nov-18 16-Feb-19
23-Feb-19 B904C / B904D 15-Nov-18 17-Nov-18 16-Feb-19
01-Mar-19 B905 21-Nov-18 23-Nov-18 22-Feb-19
02-Mar-19 B905A / B905B 22-Nov-18 24-Nov-18 23-Feb-19
08-Mar-19 A905  28-Nov-18  30-Nov-18  01-Mar-19
09-Mar-19 A905A 29-Nov-18 01-Dec-18 02-Mar-19
09-Mar-19 B905C / B905D 29-Nov-18 01-Dec-18 02-Mar-19
15-Mar-19 B906  05-Dec-18  07-Dec-18  08-Mar-19
16-Mar-19 B906A 06-Dec-18 08-Dec-18 09-Mar-19

 A829 / A829A - Open 14 weeks from flight date

B830 / B830A / B830B - Open 14 weeks from flight date


Winter 2018/19  Dubai & Arabian Gulf fly-cruises: Oceana

Virgin Atlantic charter flights from/to Manchester
Important information regarding Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabin:
Flight Seat Booker is unable to display the Virgin Upper Class cabin, so we will allocate seats and ensure that travel companions are seated together (wherever possible). Your seat numbers will be available at check-in.
Seats in Economy and Premium Economy can be pre-purchased via Cruise Personaliser.

10-Jan-19   E902  22-Oct-18  24-Oct-18  03-Jan-19
10-Jan-19   E902B  22-Oct-18  24-Oct-18  03-Jan-19
 30-Jan-19  E903  22-Oct-18  24-Oct-18  23-Jan-19
 09-Feb-19 E904   01-Nov-18  03-Nov-19  02-Feb-19
 19-Feb-19  E905  12-Nov-18  14-Nov-19  12-Feb-19
 01-Mar-19  E906  21-Nov-18  23-Nov-18  22-Feb-19
 11-Mar-19  E907  30-Nov-18  02-Dec-18  04-Mar-19
21-Mar-19   E908 / E908B / E908C  11-Dec-18  13-Dec-18  13-Mar-19

E902 / E902B - Open 14 weeks from flight date


Summer 19  Mediterranean fly-cruises: Oceana

21-Mar-19 E908 / E908B / E908C  11-Dec-18  13-Dec-18  13-Mar-19
22-Mar-19 E908A / E908D / E908E*  24-Dec-18  26-Dec-18  14-Mar-19
 04-Apr-19 E909 / E909A  24-Dec-18  26-Dec-18  27-Mar-19
 11-Apr-19 E909B / E909C  01-Jan-19  03-Jan-19  03-Apr-19
 18-Apr-19 E910 / E910A  08-Jan-19  10-Jan-19  10-Apr-19
 25-Apr-19 E910B / E910C  15-Jan-19  17-Jan-19  17-Apr-19
 02-May-19 E911 / E911A  22-Jan-19  24-Jan-19  24-Apr-19
09-May-19  E911B / E911C  29-Jan-19  31-Jan-19  01-May-19
16-May-19 E912 / E912A 05-Feb-19 07-Feb-19 08-May-19
23-May-19 E912B / E912C 12-Feb-19 14-Feb-19 15-May-19
30-May-19 E913 / E913A 19-Feb-19 21-Feb-19 22-May-19
06-Jun-19 E913B / E913C 26-Feb-19 28-Feb-19 29-May-19
13-Jun-19 E914 / E914A 05-Mar-19 07-Mar-19 05-Jun-19
20-Jun-19 E914B / E914C 12-Mar-19 14-Mar-19 12-Jun-19
27-Jun-19 E915 / E915A 19-Mar-19 21-Mar-19 19-Jun-19
04-Jul-19 E915B / E915C 26-Mar-19 28-Mar-19 26-Jun-19
11-Jul-19 E916 / E916A 02-Apr-19 04-Apr-19 03-Jul-19
18-Jul-19 E916B / E916C 09-Apr-19 11-Apr-19 10-Jul-19
25-Jul-19 E917 / E917A 16-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 17-Jul-19
01-Aug-19 E917B / E917C 23-Apr-19 25-May-19 24-Jul-19
08-Aug-19 E918 / E918A 30-Apr-19 02-May-19 31-Jul-19
15-Aug-19 E918B / E918C 07-May-19 09-May-19 07-Aug-19
22-Aug-19 E919 / E919A 14-May-19 16-May-19 14-Aug-19
29-Aug-19 E919B / E919C 21-May-19 23-May-19 21-Aug-19
05-Sep-19 E920 / E920A 28-May-19 30-May-19 28-Aug-19
12-Sep-19 E920B / E920C 04-Jun-19 06-Jun-19 04-Sep-19
19-Sep-19 E921 / E921A 11-Jun-19 13-Jun-19 11-Sep-19
26-Sep-19 E921B / E921C 18-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 18-Sep-19
03-Oct-19 E922 / E922A / E922B 25-Jun-19 27-Jun-19 25-Sep-19
10-Oct-19 E922C / E922D 02-Jul-19 04-Jul-19 02-Oct-19
17-Oct-19 E923A / E923B / E923N 09-Jul-19 11-Jul-19 09-Oct-19

* Opening date to match first flight date (not sail date).


Seating Information below for other airlines


Scheduled flights

Your flight seats can only be reserved via the airline’s website.

For scheduled flights this is only possible once flight tickets have been issued, which usually happens between 6 weeks and 10 days prior to departure. Ticket issue dates vary by airline and route.

Your flight details can be found on your E-Ticket or call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply).


British Airways (BA) - All programmes

Pre-purchasing seats depends on the ticket type which can be identified on your E-Ticket. If your flight information includes an “airline locator” (airline booking reference), you will be able to pre-purchase seats from approximately 30 days prior to travel. To pre-book your seats, visit ‘Manage My Booking’ on the British Airways website and follow the instructions. Please note that additional charges may apply.

If your flight details do not include an airline locator, then you will be booked on a British Airways “group seat”, in which case we can reserve your flight seats approximately four days prior to departure. If you have any specific requests, please call our Customer Contact Centre who will be able to assist you, otherwise seats will be allocated when you check-in at the airport.


easyJet (EZY) - Summer 2018 Mediterranean fly-cruise

For guests travelling on and allocation or group, you can pre-purchase your seats once you have received your “airline locator” (airline booking reference) – this is available approximately from 14 days prior to departure. You can obtain this by speaking to our Customer Contact Centre.

To book seats, you will need to contact easyJet on 0330 365 5000 (costs may vary), quoting your airline locator, where they will be able to assist you. Please note that there is an additional charge for purchasing seats prior to check-in. You will not be able to pre-purchase your seats online.

 For guests travelling under an individual reservation, you will receive your airline locator immediately, and you are able to check in online when check in opens from 30 days prior to departure.

To establish your booking type (if not already advised at time of booking,) please call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply.)

Jet2 (LS) - Summer 2018 Mediterranean fly-cruise

Most people on a Jet2 flight will be booked on a “group” with Jet2. The airline has made special arrangements to allow you to check-in and to pre-purchase your seats, meals and excess baggage via a dedicated P&O Cruises link on their website.

You will be able to pre-book seats via the Jet2 website from approximately 60 days prior to departure.  Visit Jet2.com/pocruises, quoting your surname and cruise booking reference, and follow the links to pre-book your seats (please note that this is a dedicated P&O Cruises link, and you will be unable to use the standard ‘Manage My Booking’ section of Jet2’s website).

If you book your holiday within 60 days prior to departure, please allow 7 days before attempting to access the Jet2 website.

Some guests will be booked on ad-hoc flight seats, separately from the P&O Cruises group seats, and although you’ll be on the same flight as other P&O Cruises guests, you will need a Jet2 booking reference to log into their Manage My Booking section of their website. The booking reference can be found on your E-Ticket or by calling our Customer Contact Centre who will be happy to assist you.


Thomas Cook Airlines (MT) Summer 2018 Mediterranean fly-cruise

Seats on our shared Thomas Cook charter flights can be purchased via the airline’s website as soon as your Thomas Cook Airlines flight number is confirmed.

Please note that the front two to four rows on each flight are Economy Plus seats (the number of rows varies by flight). These front rows are not part of the P&O Cruises allocation, and cannot be booked.

Visit thomascookairlines.com/mybooking

Not only will you be able to select seats from the aircraft seat map for everyone in your party, you will also be able to pre-purchase in-flight meals and excess baggage.


Step-by-step guide to logging on:

  1. Choose “Other Tour Operator” from “Where did you book your flight/trip?”
  2. Select P&O Cruises from the drop down list.
  3. Input your P&O Cruises booking reference to the Booking number box
  4. Input your first name and surname. (Please ensure that put your full name as it appears on your passport because there is no instant validation check between the Thomas Cook Airlines system and your booking with P&O Cruises.):tcx 
  5. Click “Next” at which point you’ll be asked for your flight information
  6. Select your departure airport
  7. Select your destination airport
  8. Select the number of adults and children travelling in your cabin
  9. If you are travelling on round-trip Thomas Cook Airlines flights to Malta, there is no need to select anything else – click “Search”
  10. If you are travelling on a Thomas Cook Airlines flight in one direction only, ensure you select the “Outbound flight only” check-box, and that your From and To airports are the correct way around:  

    Travelling out on Thomas Cook, back on another airline: input your UK airport in the From box, and input Malta in the To box, and tick “Outbound flight only”    

    Travelling out on another airline, back on Thomas Cook: input Malta in the From box, and input your UK airport in the To box, and tick “Outbound flight only”

  11. As our cruises depart and arrive into Malta, there is no need for P&O Cruises guests to use the “Return flight from other destination” option


  12. You will then be able to confirm your flights
  13. After clicking “Next” you’ll be able to input all of the personal details for all guests in your cabin, before you go on to select your seats and other in-flight services.





Emirates (EK) Groups - Dubai & Arabian Gulf fly-cruises on Oceana (January to March 2019)

Once flight tickets have been issued (from approximately 30 days prior to departure) you will be able to pre-book seats on the Emirates website under "Manage Booking". You will require the group locator and ticket number which can be obtained by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply).




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