Q. Where do you fly from?

 Where do you fly from?

All fly-cruise holiday prices include economy class flights from/to London and transfers between the overseas airport and your ship on the day of embarkation/disembarkation.

Mediterranean and Caribbean fly-cruises:
Flights from a range of regional airports are available for an additional supplement: from £50 per person return on our Mediterranean fly-cruises and from £100 per person return on our Caribbean fly-cruises.

Mediterranean  fly-cruises

(Regional flights available on all cruises)

Summer 2017 & 2018

East Midlands


















Caribbean fly-cruises

(Regional flights available on selected dates)

Winter 2017/18


Winter 2018/19


London All cruises London All cruises
Manchester Not available on cruises starting or ending in St Lucia Manchester Not available on cruises starting or ending in St Lucia
Birmingham Not available on Adonia or cruises starting or ending in St Lucia Birmingham Not available on Adonia or cruises starting or ending in St Lucia
Bournemouth A731A, A805A, B732, B803 Bournemouth A829, B901A, B906
Cardiff A801A, B732A, B804A, B806A Cardiff A831, A901, B833A, B904A,
East Midlands A802A Glasgow A830, A832, A834, A902, A904, B831A, B832, B903A, 
Glasgow A732A, A733A, A734A, A736A, A803A, A804, B733A, B802A, B805A Newcastle A903, B832A, B905A
Newcastle A802, A804A, B731A, B801A N/A N/A



Guaranteed Flight Option

When you or your travel agent books one of our fly-cruise holidays, you may be offered the 'Guaranteed Flight' option, which is also referred to as air city 'QQQ'. This means that you will have a confirmed booking, including flights, but the specific UK airport will be allocated at a later date. Flights will be allocated to your booking at least 7 days prior to departure and the price you have been quoted will not increase. It is recommended you waitlist your preferred UK airport at time of booking.  We will do our best to allocate flights from your preferred UK airport, but we cannot guarantee this.

All people booked under the same booking will be allocated the same flights; however we may not be able to allocate the same flights to groups who have booked multiple cabins.


Arabian Gulf fly-cruises
January - March 2019
Scheduled seats are available from the following airports on all :


We also have a Virgin Atlantic charter flight from Manchester on selected cruises with Premium Economy and Upper Class upgrades available.
Flight upgrades are also available from other airports on scheduled carriers, from 11 months prior to departure.


Exotic fly-cruises

Where flight schedules permit, we can offer flights from alternative UK airports for an additional supplement, from £80pp one-way.

When you make your booking, simply advise your booking agent which airport you would like to fly from and whether you would like one-way or return flights.

Flights are offered subject to availability and airline schedules available at the time of booking. 


Domestic Flights to/from Southampton

We can book domestic flights with Flybe to/ from Southampton from a range of UK departure points. The fare includes a transfer between the airport and the cruise terminal and vice versa. Should you wish to make your own transfer arrangements, airport transfers can be removed from your booking, and the fare will be reduced accordingly.  Domestic flight availability varies by departure date and all flights are subject to the latest airline schedules. 

Airline schedules are usually released between four and six months prior to departure; at this time you can check availability by calling our Customer Contact Centre please visit our website for contact details. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

If you would like more information, you may find the following question useful: Can I book flights to and from Southampton?

You may also find the following question useful: How do I upgrade or change my flight?


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