Q. How do I know if I am travelling on a charter or scheduled flight?

We use a range of airlines to operate our fly-cruise holidays.


Mediterranean fly-cruises:

We use a combination of chartered and scheduled flights from around the UK to join Oceana in Malta.

For most airlines, you will need to collect your luggage from the carousel in arrivals before joining the coach transfer to the ship. If you’re travelling with TUI Airways you will have your luggage transferred from the aircraft directly to the ship.


Caribbean fly-cruises:

The majority of our flights are on chartered aircraft. For this reason the services offered may differ slightly from the airline’s standard service or from your own experience if you’ve previously flown with them.

We supplement our chartered flights with seats on existing scheduled flights during peak periods and as and when required.

We are pleased to be able to offer upgrades to premium economy on our charter flights. These upgrades are available to book when you book your cruise (on scheduled flights you would need to wait until 11 months prior to departure before flight schedules are confirmed and before you can upgrade).


Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys and Exotic fly-cruises:

All seats will be booked on scheduled flights. The carrier will vary depending on the route, date of departure and availability. Should you wish to travel with your preferred airline, upgrade your flight or amend your flight dates, we will be able to provide a tailored quote from 11 months prior to departure.



For more information you may find the following question useful:  Which airlines do you use?

If you have a specific flight requirement, please ask at time of booking.


More information, by airline:

TUI Airways – all flights are operated on a chartered aircraft

  • 2019/20 Caribbean fly-cruise


Thomas Cook Airlines – we charter aircraft or purchase seats on existing scheduled flights, depending on the season:


  • 2019/20 Caribbean fly-cruise – all Thomas Cook Airlines aircraft are chartered and seats will be available to book via Cruise Personaliser

Jet2 – we purchase seats on existing scheduled flights:

  • 2019 Mediterranean fly-cruise – scheduled flights

easyJet – we purchase seats on existing scheduled flights:

  • 2019 Mediterranean fly-cruise – scheduled flights

For our Mediterranean fly-cruises, we also book scheduled seats on a range of airlines, including, but not limited to:

  • British Airways
  • Air Malta
  • KLM, Lufthansa and Air France (regional, indirect flights from around the UK)

Additional Information

You might find that some services you are looking for are dependent on the flight type. For example if you are travelling on a charter flight you can pre-purchase your flight seat via Cruise Personaliser, and if you’re booked on a scheduled flight, you may be able to book seats through the airline’s own website. 

Please note that all charter flights operate on the day of embarkation/disembarkation . If you have decided to extend your holiday you will be travelling on a scheduled flight.





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