Q. Do you offer a coach service on one way fly-cruises?

Some of our fly-cruises start or end in Southampton, meaning that one-way flights are offered to join/leave your cruise.


We offer a complimentary coach service between the following airports and the port of Southampton on selected cruises. Please inform us or your travel agent at the time of booking if you wish to book this service – places are limited and must be booked in advance. You will be given instructions on how to join your coach prior to departure.


Whether you are departing the UK from the port by ship or flying from the airport, you can leave your car at the airport at the start of your holiday.

On one-way fly-cruises sailing from Southampton, a coach will then take you directly from the airport to board your ship in Southampton and you’ll fly home following your cruise to find your car waiting.

On one-way fly-cruises starting in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, you’ll fly from the airport to board your ship and sail back to Southampton at the end of your holiday, transferring to a coach that takes you to the airport to collect your car.


To book please speak to your travel agent or call our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details. If you are booking your cruise through our website and wish to add the coach transfer, please contact us once you have made your booking.

Coach transfers are only available on embarkation day for cruises departing Southampton or disembarkation day for cruises arriving into Southampton. If you are extending your holiday and flying out early (or home later), then this service is not available.


2018 Mediterranean fly-cruises

Coach transfers are available from Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Glasgow, London Gatwick, Manchester and Newcastle to Southampton on cruises E806, E806A, E806B.

Coach transfers from Southampton to Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Glasgow, London Gatwick, Manchester and Newcastle on cruises E820B, E820D and E821.


For those travelling from Glasgow in 2018, we’re also pleased to be able to offer a regional flight from £90pp between Glasgow and Southampton for cruises E806, E806A & E806B, or from Southampton to Glasgow on cruises E820B, E820D & E821. There are a limited number of flight seats available, so please book early.


2017/18 Caribbean fly-cruises

A731, A805, B730, B730A, B806, B806A – Birmingham, London and Manchester

A731A, A805A – Birmingham, Bournemouth, London and Manchester

B805D – London Gatwick

B806A - Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Manchester


2018/19 Caribbean fly-cruises

A829A, A905, A905A, B830, B830A, B906A – Birmingham, London and Manchester

A829, B906 – Birmingham, Bournemouth, London and Manchester

B830B, B905D – London


2018/19 Arabian Gulf fly-cruises

E902, E902A – Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester






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