Q. Are meals and drinks included on my flight?

The in-flight service offering varies depending on carrier, route and whether you are travelling on a charter or scheduled flight. For further information you may find the following question useful: How do I know if I am travelling on a charter or scheduled flight?

Mediterranean fly-cruise charter flights

A buy on-board service will be available for drinks and snacks during your flight.

Caribbean fly-cruise charter flights (Thomson Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines)

Guests travelling in economy class: Tea and coffee will be served following your complimentary in-flight meal. You will receive a main meal and either a snack or breakfast (depending on your flight times). Any additional beverages will be at an additional charge.

Guests travelling in premium economy class: A complimentary in-flight bar (excluding Champagne) is available throughout the flight. You’ll also receive an enhanced meal choice for your complimentary main meal, plus a snack on your outward flight and breakfast on your inbound flight. Tea and coffee will also be served following your in-flight meals.  

Please be aware that when we charter aircraft from an airline, we tailor the services offered for our guests, so these may differ from the airline’s advertised services.

Dietary requirements on charter flights

Airlines can provide the the following meal types only: 

  • Vegetarian  
  • Vegan (lactose/dairy free)  
  • Diabetic meal  
  • Gluten free  
  • Nut free 
  • Child meal  
  • Fruit platter

Please note that only one request per person can be made and that meal types cannot be combined. It is not possible to request anything other than the above meal types as the charter airlines are unable to provide alternatives.

Scheduled flights

The on-board service offered will vary depending on airline, class or service and route. Please visit the airlines website for further information.

Dietary requirements on scheduled flights

Some airlines are able to cater for specific dietary needs. If you have any such requirement, we recommend that you liaise directly with the airline to ensure that your needs can be adequately catered for. Please note that not all requests can be guaranteed and requests must be made at least 48 hours before your flight. You will need your ‘airline locator’ to make your request which can be obtained by calling our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details.


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