Q. Can I visit the ship whilst it is in Southampton?

Yes, it is possible to visit one of our ships whilst docked in Southampton as part of our ship visit programme

While nothing can truly compare to stepping on board knowing you’re bound for exciting destinations, your guided tour will certainly take you on a journey. One that stops at many destinations along the way, including our theatres, spacious cabins, bars, restaurants and indulgent spas. After your tour, you’ll have the chance to experience our delicious cuisine in one of the main restaurants. An extraordinary finish to what we hope will be a really enlightening day.


 A visit includes:

  • Complimentary parking in the cruise terminal
  • Complimentary tea and coffee in the terminal
  • Guided tour of ship's public area (*we endeavour to visit a number of staterooms however for operational reasons not all categories can be shown)
  • 3 course of lunch with wine and coffee included
  • Exclusive offer for ship visitors (subject to T&Cs)

Should you wish to enquire about visiting one of our ships, please call 0845 355 0300 (calls are charged at 3p per minute - mon-fri 8-9pm, sat and sun 9-6pm) to discuss dates, costs and availability.

Photo identification is required (passport or driving licence) to bring with you when visiting the ship.

Due to the limited number available we reserve places for those who are new to cruising first.

*Subject to change.

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