Q. What does a 3 or 4 berth cabin look like?

This is an upper berth taken from Azura and is typical of upper berths throughout the fleet.

On board Arcadia and Aurora the upper berths fold up in to a recess in the ceiling.

On Azura, Oceana, Ventura and Britannia there are both types where some will fold up against the wall and some rise into a ceiling recess. 

On Britannia all of the balcony cabins have upper pullmans which will pull down from the ceiling.  All inside cabins will have hinged pullmans which will fold up against the wall.

On Iona the pullmans will come down from the ceiling in the Sea View cabins, and from the wall in the Inside cabins. All 4 berth cabins on Iona can be made up as either a twin bed or a double bed.

Please note that where berths rise into a recess, they still extend approximately 9cms from the deck head (ceiling) when not in use.

Cabin shown above is an inside cabin, size approximately between 137-181 square feet.


Family Suites

These images are taken from Ventura's BE grade family suite and are similar to the family suites on Azura.

The first four people occupying this type of cabin will pay adult fares unless promotional fares are in place which would be discussed with you at time of booking.

View from Master bedroom

Family suite lounge

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