Q. Can I take a tour of the ship whilst cruising?

Yes, this popular tour lasts approximately three hours and costs £75.00 per person (subject to change) and can be booked at reception desk on-board.

Behind The Scenes

The tour is hosted by a Senior Staff member and gives guests the chance to get 'up close and personal' with departments and staff they would not normally get a chance to meet. There are various displays, information and fun events, including going down to the Engine Control Room, through the galley and theatre and up to the Bridge with many places in between (due to numbers allowed into the Engine Control Room at one time, groups may be split)

You will be required to sign a waiver form. Please note you must wear sensible footwear, cannot take photos/video and are advised to wear something warm if the weather is cold on the Mooring Deck.

The tour is completed on the bridge where, hosted by the Captain, champagne and small snacks are served.

If you are interested in joining the Behind The Scenes tour, please visit Reception to book. A confirmation letter will be sent to your cabin, inviting you to meet at a certain time and location, usually on a sea day in either a morning or afternoon slot.

The Ship's Photographer will join the group during the tour to take photos of the event. You will receive a complimentary gift including a photograph and ‘Back Of House’ tour pin badge with the opportunity to purchase additional photos from the photo gallery.

A Minimum of approximately eight people is required to run the tour, with a maximum of 16 people being accommodated. The tour is run once per cruise or twice for longer cruises or if there is popular demand. The tour may not be run on cruises shorter than 7 nights duration.

Please note, there may be some differences between ships. Prices and gifts are subject to change.

If you have not cruised with P&O Cruises previously and would like to visit the ship's public areas, please see "Can I visit the ship whilst it is in Southampton?"

The Bridge

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