Q. Which cabin balconies are overlooked?

The only ships that have balconies that are overlooked are Azura, Arcadia, Britannia  and Ventura 

To view Azura balconies which are overlooked please see the deck plans.  Cabins R746, R747, R748 and R749 can be overlooked by the Terrace pool area and the aft end of Aqua deck of Azura.

To view Arcadia balconies which are overlooked (these deck plans are for cruises from J502 onwards) please see the deck plans.  Cabins A162, A164, A166, A173, A171 and A169 can be overlooked.  

To view Britannia balconies which are overlooked please see the deck plans.

To view Ventura balconies which are overlooked please see the deck plans. Cabins R746, R747, R748 & R749 be overlooked by the Terrace pool.


It should be noted that passengers on higher decks would need to purposely look over the balcony to see the balconies below.


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