Q. What type of bedding will be in my cabin and what brand is it?


Standard pillows are of a hollow fibre construction, made by Calderon

If you would like to request alternative pillows please see Can I request additional or alternative pillows?



Duvets are made by Decotex and are made of either a cotton or polyester microfiber with a tog rating of 10.5, however, please note some exceptions may apply.



Sheets are made from polycotton by Calderon.  You may request sheets and blankets instead of duvets, these can be requested up to 3 days prior to your sailing date by calling our Customer Contact Centre, details of which can be found on our website.

Within the 3 days prior to sailing please make your request with your cabin steward once on board.


Anti Allergy

Please note we do not have anti allergy bedding on board our ships however, if you do have an allergy to washing detergent then we can make arrangements for this. Please contact our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details.


Mattress Topper

We do not supply mattress toppers as the mattresses on board all ships are all of a high quality and therefore a mattress topper should not be required.

However we can provide a duvet over the mattress, if this is required this can be arranged with your Cabin Steward once you are on board. 


The items listed are not available to be purchased.


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