Q. Can I send mail from the ship?

Yes, a Concierge Postage Service is available on board.

You are able to send mail (letters and postcards, not packages or parcels) from the ship by visiting Reception and handing your mail over, where it will be stamped with the ship's rubber postage stamp and passed ashore at the earliest opportunity where it will then be sent via standard mail processes to your friends and family back home.

Mail will be taken ashore 2 hours prior to departure, or 3 hours prior to departure when the ship is anchored off shore and a tender operation is in place.

A fixed postal rate will be charged to your on board account for each item sent. The amount of which varies, dependant on the cruise itinerary. Details will be made available to you on board.

Should you have already placed postage stamps on your mail, these will still be collected from Reception and passed ashore with all other mail.  Alternatively, standard postal service are available ashore.

P&O cruises can not be held accountable for any post that is not received or lost.

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