Q. Can I get foreign currency on board?

You can exchange your money on-board into local currency for most ports of call. There are however certain ports when the ship is unable to carry local currency. In such cases, the ship will advise which currency is best to take ashore.

Please see What is the currency in...? for details of local currencies.

We can only accept back the currencies that we sell on-board and only in the denominations that we sell.

Foreign currency can be charged to your account if you have a credit or debit card registered or if your account has sufficient cash credit to cover the transaction. There are limits on the amount of currency that can be exchanged, whether you are using a registered card or cash (£250.00 per day, £1,250 per 7 consecutive days and a maximum of £5,000 per 30 consecutive days). This is to ensure that we comply with anti-money laundering laws. We are unable to accept either personal cheques or traveller’s cheques. We are unable to accept €100, €200 and €500 notes at any time for currency exchange transactions.

Please note that, as part of the fight against terrorism, international crime and money laundering, EU regulations require all passengers entering or leaving the European Union with €10,000 or more in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies or easily convertible assets – e.g. bonds, shares, traveller’s cheques etc.) to declare the sum to the customs authorities of the Member State which he/she is entering or leaving. If you are likely to need to make a declaration under this regulation please contact the HM Revenue & Customs National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000 (Calls cost 3.19p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge.) or visit www.hmrc.gov.uk for further information on how to comply.

All foreign currency transactions are converted using Sterling, using the daily exchange rate as detailed on-board. There is no charge other than the exchange rate.

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