Q. What is the door width of my cabin?

Cabin door widths are listed below. Please note that these sizes apply to a majority of cabins however some exceptions apply. For specific details, please call our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details, or your local Travel Agent.



Suite - 83cm
Mini Suite - 83cm on average
Standard cabin - 60cm
Adapted cabin - 86cm



Penthouse - 80cm
Suite Cabin – 55cm
Mini Suite – 55cm 
Standard Cabin – 60cm
Adapted cabin - 85cm



Standard cabin - 52cm
Suite - 52cm
Adapted cabin - 80cm



Suite - 56cm
Standard cabin - 56cm
Adapted cabin - 81cm



Standard Cabin - 65cm
Adapted Cabin - 90cm



Standard cabin - 56cm
Mini Suite - 71cm 
Suite - 71cm
Adapted cabin - 84cm



Standard cabin - 52cm
Suite - 52cm
Adapted cabin - 80cm

For details of adapted cabins, please see the question - What information do I need to know when bringing my wheelchair / scooter on board?

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