Q. What is the size of the dance floor?

The main dance floors on each ship are as follows:



On Arcadia, the Crows Nest has a circular dance floor which measures approximately 136 square metres
The dance floor in the Globe measures 81 square metres
Dancing also takes place in an area of The Retreat (size to be confirmed)



In Carmen's, the approximate size of the dance floor is 80 square metres.



On Azura the Atrium where dancing may take place measures 31 square metres
In Manhattan the dance floor measures 95 square metres.
In Malabar the dance floor has an area of 76 square metres



The Crystal Rooms dance floor is 4m x 7m



The circular Atrium dance floor is around 50 square metres



On Ventura the Atrium where dancing may take place measures 31 square metres
On Ventura, Havana has a dance floor of approximately 95 square metres
Tamarind has a dance floor measuring approximately 76 square metres

Details of dance lessons available can be found via "What activities are available on board?"


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