Q. Who should I contact regarding an item that I purchased on board?

For purchases made through Dixons on board, please contact them via email at pando.services@dixonscarphone.com.

Britannia/Azura/Oceana: For any other items purchased in our shops on board, please contact Harding Retail. You may contact them via email or write to:

Harding Retail
Unit D12 and D13 Avonmouth Way
BS11 8DD

Email: Customer.Services@Hardingretail.com

Alternatively, you may call them on 0117 982 5961 Monday-Friday.

Please see Harding Retail Returns Policy for further details

If you have already contacted Harding Retail but have been unable to resolve the issue please write to our Customer Services department at:

Customer Services
P&O Cruises
Carnival House
100 Harbour Parade
SO15 1ST

Arcadia/Aurora/Ventura: For any other items purchased in our shops on board, please contact Dufry. You may contact them via email or write to:

Email: customerservices.uk@dufry.com   

 Telephone: +44 (0)1784 475509 (during office hours)

Postal Address: World Duty Free Group, Customer Support Team, Runnymede Warehouse, Windsor Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0AE  UK



For photographs purchased on board, please see "Who should I contact regarding photographs taken on board?"

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