Q. Which cabins have fixed beds?

The beds in most cabins on each ship can be converted from two twins to a double (queen) bed or vice versa. There are however, some exceptions as detailed below:



There are no fixed berths on Arcadia.


C124 & C127 on Aurora have fixed double beds


D101, D102, P211, P214, P217, P218, P221, P222, P225, P226, P229, P230, P233, P234, P323, P324, P325, P328 all have fixed twin beds.


All inside 4 berth cabins on grades PA | PB | PC | PD | PE | PF have fixed twin beds.

A120, A121, A124, A125, A244, A249, A528, A541, B244, B249, B526, B531, B611, B612, B616, B617, B618, B619, B707, B708, C118, C119, C248, C249, C316, C317, C322, C323, C539, C545, C615, C619, C623, C627, C714, C715, D122, D123, D248, D249, D438, D439, D442, D443, D539, D545, D724, D725, D730, D731, E130, E131, E248, E249, E344, E345, E348, E349, E438, E439, E442, E443, E531, E537, E716, E717, E722, E723, F426, F427, G434, G435, G533



There are no fixed berths on Iona.


The following cabins have fixed twin beds:
A201, A202, A203, A218, A221, A223, A316, A317, A319, A640, A641, A709, A710, A711, A726, A729, A730*, A731, A732*, A735*, A737*
B205, B207, B209, B210, B226, B231, B233, B314, B315, B317, B709, B710, B711, B726, B729, B730*, B731, B732*, B735*, B737*, B746, B751
C305, C306, C314, C315, C316, C317, C318, C319, C321, C323, C324, C326, C329, C331, C709, C710, C711
D315, D319, D320, D321, D322, D323, D324, D325, D326, D327, D329, D330, D333, D335, D611, D612, D615, D709, D710, D711
E318, E319, E321
F225, F227, F228, F229, F230, F232, F233, F234, F235, F236, F237, F238, F231, F240, F242, F244, F314, F315, F317,                                                                                                                                                       L319, L321,L322, L339, L340, L341

*Please note that cabins are longer and narrower than standard cabins (known as railway cabins). In these cabins, one lower berth is fixed, the second lower berth folds away against the wall when not in use to give more space during the day. Upper berths in these cabins also fold up against the wall.

The following cabins have fixed double beds:
B748, B750, B753, B755
C744, C746, C747, C749
D748, D750, D751, D753



The following cabins have fixed twin berths:

D101, D102, P201, P202, P203, P204, P205, P206, P207, P208, P209, P210, P211, P214, P217, P218, P221, P222, P225, P226, P229, P230, P233, P234, P323, P324, P325, P328

Please note that in some cases where additional berths can be used in cabins, it may not be possible to configure the lower berths as a double where available.

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