Q. Where are the automatic doors located on board?


On Lido Deck, port and starboard side aft from The Conservatory leading on to the small terrace deck behind.

Please note: In order to pass through these doors there is a threshold to cross as well.


Entrance to wheelchair accessible toilets (automatic doors that open with the push of a button):

Deck 2 - midship starboard just aft of Art Gallery
Deck 3 - midship starboard near the shop
Deck 9 Lido Deck - starboard aft side of the Aquarius Pool / Belvedere Restaurant
Deck 11 - forward port side just aft of Crow's Nest bar

Wheelchair accessible deck:

Deck 11 Sky Deck - Midships Starboard and Port side outside East Bar, leading to a small seating area. (Please note: unfortunately with the seating area there really not enough room to manoeuvre a wheelchair out and around the seats).



Entrance to all wheelchair accessible cabins.

Entrance to wheelchair accessible toilets:

  • Sun Deck 13, forward guest foyer port side (Unisex)
  • Lido Deck 12, forward guest goyer starboard side near Riviera pool (Male and Female)
  • D Deck 8, mid ship near Vandrbilts port side (Unisex) and Deck 8 aft guest foyer port side near Sufers (Unisex)
  • Promenade Deck 7 , forward passenger foyer port side (unisex) and Deck 7 mid ship starboard next to Masquerade bar (Unisex) and deck 7 aft port guest foyer (unisex) 
  • E Deck, mid ship starboard side near Medina restaurant (Unisex) and Deck 6 aft starboard side guest foyer near Alexandria restaurant (Unisex).


Lido Deck
Lido Deck 12 - By the Riviera Pool
At The Orangery forward and aft entrances, one each on both port and starboard sides.
By the Crystal Pool (Deck 12 Midship
Near the entrance of Mid ship guests foyer, port side.

Deck 8 - Entrance to H2O and Terrace pool 
Deck 7 -  At Champions, bar two on port and one on the starboard side.
Deck 6 - At the Alexandria Restaurant, one each on port and starboard side (have to press a button)
Deck 5 - Froward and Mid ship gangways one each on port and starboard side.
Deck 4 - Froward and Mid ship gangways one each on port and starboard side.


Promenade deck,
Midship, near Malabar leading to the open deck. One on both port and starboard sides.

Lido deck
Near the forward guest lifts, one each on port and starboard sides.
Between The Aqua Pool and The Coral Pool, on both port and starboard sides.
At Venezia restaurant, 2 each on both port and starboard sides.

Aqua Deck
Entrance to the Salon, starboard side.



Will have a fully accessible route around the interior and exterior public areas of the ship and automatic doors will be provided where necessary to allow the transit of wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams etc.

The cabins and cabin bathrooms have been designed to allow access without the need for automatic doors.



There are no automatic doors, however outside of the Spa area on Deck 12 is a push button that will open the glass doors located here.



Conservatory on both entrances of the Conservatory
Alfresco (from Riviera bar)
Plus 4 on each deck 5 and 6 for every shell door

Lido Deck - there are automatic doors at each entrance to The Conservatory and one near the Rivera bar.

Entrance to wheelchair accessible toilets (automatic doors that open with the push of a button):

Deck 13 - forward
Deck 12 - mid ship
Deck 7 - mid ship
Deck 6 - mid ship




Promenade Deck - Midships, one each on port and starboard sides leading to the open deck.

Lido Deck 
At the Terrace Bar, one each on port starboard sides
Midships outside the toilet, one each on port and starboard sides
Midship in front of Laguna Pool by guest elevators, 2x inside sliding doors and 2x outside sliding doors
Leading to guest cabin areas from the Laguna Pool

Sun Deck
Starboard side at the Oasis Spa reception area                                  

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