Q. What do the obstructed views look like on Arcadia?

Please click on the links below to see an example of the view.

E53 - When looking towards aft of ship you can see life boats

E55 - End of lifeboat

E56 - End of lifeboat

E57 - Full life boat

E58 - Full life boat

E59 - Full life boat

E60 - Full life boat

E61 - End of life boat and equipment

E62 - End of life boat and equipment

E63 - Equipment and end of life boat

E64 - Equipment and end of life boat

E65 - Full life boat

E66 - Full life boat

E67 - Full life boat

E68 - Full life boat

E69 - End of life boat

E70 - End of life boat

E71 - Equipment and end of life boat

E72 - Equipment and end of life boat

E73 - Full life boat

E74 - Full life boat

E75 - Full life boat

E76 - Full life boat

E77 - Mostly blocked by life boat

E78 - Mostly blocked by life boat

E79 - Life boat equipment

E80 - Life boat equipment

E81 - Life boat

E82 - Life boat

E83 - Full life boat

E84 - Full life boat

E85 - Full life boat

E86 - Full life boat

E87 - Life boat equipment

E88 - Life boat equipment

E89 - End of life boat

E90 - End of life boat

E91 - Full life boat (blue structure at the top is a crane, shoreside)

E92 - Full life boat

E93 - Life boat

E94 - Life boat

E95 - Life boat and equipment

E96 - Life boat and equipment

E97 - Life boat equipment blocking half of view

E98 - Life boat equipment blocking half of view

E99 - Tender boat

E100 - Tender boat

E101 - Tender boat

E102 - Tender boat

E103 - Tender boat

E104 - Tender boat

E105 - Tender boat

E106 - Tender boat

E107 - Tender boat and equipment

E108 - Tender boat equipment

E109 - Tender boat

E110 - Tender Boat

E111 - Tender boat

E112 - Tender boat

E113 - Tender boat

E114 - Tender boat

E115 - End of tender boat

E116 - End of tender boat (Blue structure is a crane shoreside)

E117 - Tender boat equipment

E118 - Tender boat equipment

E119 - Tender boat

E120 - Tender boat

E121 - Tender boat

E122 - Tender boat

E123 - Tender boat

E124 - Tender boat

E125 - End of tender boat and equipment

E126 - End of tender boat and equipment

E127 - Equipment and life boat

E128 - Equipment and life boat

E129 - Full life boat

E130 - Full life boat

E131 - Full life boat

E132 - Full life boat

E133 - Life boat equipment blocking half of view

E134 - Life boat equipment blocking half of view

E135 - Looking towards the front of the ship, life boat is visible

Obstructed view cabins on Arcadia are classed as LA grades on E Deck.
Please note, these cabins will be regraded as NB or NC grades as of cruise J502 (23 April 2014) onwards. 

To make a booking for this type of cabin on Arcadia, please book online, call our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 355 5111 (local call charge apply) or speak with your preferred ABTA bonded travel agent.


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