Q. Can I dine in my suite?

Yes you have the ability to order from the main restaurant menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner*.  Outside of these hours you may order from the room service menu**.


Below are a few examples of what the dining tables look like in various suites. (This does not include Mini-Suites)




In the Suite you can seat four people, they have a conversion top that turns a coffee table into a dining table. 

In Suite dining


 Suite dining on the balcony



In the Penthouse suite you can seat six people


In Suites you can seat four people


In the Mini-Suite you can seat two people



Penthouse suite can seat four people


Suites on Riviera deck have a balcony dining table with two recliners


All other suites on B4 & B5 grades have balcony dining table with four chairs




You are able to dine in all suites.  Suites have a Tea / Coffee table as shown below




All six suites have a coffee table which can be raised and lowered, this is also the default dining table. We have 'table top extensions' for each of these tables which can extend the table to seat four.

Suite dining


 Suite dining on the balcony




Have 26 dining tables which are conversion tops that turn a coffee table into a dining table in their regular suite cabins. These have a capacity of seating four and are only within Suites.

They also have two permanent dining table in both penthouse suites which can seat six has seating capacity of six.

*In conjunction with the dining times as advertised in the Daily Horizon newspaper. You will not be charged on standard food items, however there will be an extra charge for drinks.

**Charges apply. Prices will be indicated on the menu available in your in-cabin directory. 

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