Q. What happens if I am unwell?

Prior to embarkation

If you fall ill prior to embarkation or on the day of embarkation and feel that you will be unable to join your cruise, please call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) or your travel agent if you have booked via one. You may be able to transfer your cruise to a later date, however please note that there are some stipulations that must be adhered in order to do so. 

If you are joining the ship in Southampton please notify the cruise terminal on the appropriate number:

Mayflower Cruise Terminal - Berth 106 - 023 8033 0106
Ocean Cruise Terminal - Berth 46 - 023 8033 0730
City Cruise Terminal - Berth 101 - 023 8071 0175
QE2 Cruise Terminal - Berth 38/9 - 0238033 2389

If you are unable to travel, your booking will be subject to cancellation charges. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance which may help cover the cost of such charges. 

Falling ill on board

Each ship has a Medical Centre on board, supported by fully qualified doctors and nurses who can assist with general medical issues. We are proud to be able to say that all of our Medical Centres are accredited by CHKS and certified to ISO9001:2015.

Should you become ill whilst on board your cruise, please note that medical and repatriation expenses in countries such as the United States can be substantial and this is why we strongly recommend all Guests to have valid insurance to cover them for such costs. If you happen to be taken ill whilst cruising with us and your condition was to worsen you may be landed to the nearest shoreside hospital for specialist treatment. You would be placed into the care of our port agents and a member of our team ashore would stay in contact with you and provide support if required. Please note, however, that all medical services on board are charged for as they are treated as private healthcare, charges will be applied to your on board account.

It is stated in our booking terms and conditions that you must have adequate travel insurance to cover you for any medical costs you may incur. 

Opening hours of the Medical Centre are displayed on board, as is the location. Should you require medical assistance outside of the opening hours these times will also be displayed along with an emergency contact number.



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