Q. Can I leave my luggage on board if I am travelling on part of a world voyage?

Yes, it may be possible to leave your luggage on board if you are disembarking during a world cruise for collection in Southampton.

This service is dependent on the ship having sufficient storage and a charge of approximately £35 will be charged to your on board account (subject to change).


How to arrange

Please speak to reception once you are on-board to enquire about availability*. If this service is available you will be sent details whilst on board detailing what you need to do, and when and where your luggage can be collected from, when it returns to Southampton.


Important Information

The limit is two pieces per cabin you can leave on board (providing there is sufficient storage). 

This service is subject to change due to legal restrictions. Some ports are very reluctant to allow unattended luggage into their waters.

*This service can only be arranged on board.


If you are looking to put luggage on board at the beginning of a world voyage, please see Can I pre board my luggage?


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