Q. How do I book Shore Excursions online?

Shore Excursions become available approximately 12 weeks before you sail.  To book shore excursions via Cruise Personaliser  please following the steps below:

  • Select ‘Going Ashore’ from the menu ribbon at the top of the screen, the ‘View and Book Shore Excursions’
  • Select the port you are interested in from the drop down box
  • You will be presented with a list of available shore excursions for the port of call selected. Once you have found a shore excursions that is of interest to you click the green 'View and Book' button located on the right
  • You will then be presented with full details of the shore excursions selected. At the bottom of this page under ‘Essential Information’ there is an option to select your name and then click Continue. This will open up the option to select the time of the shore excursion (there may be more than 1 departure option on some shore excursions) and the language (all tours are offered in English as standard however it may be possible to offer the tour in a difference language).
  • Once you have selected your shore excursion, the cost will be displayed, including any applicable Loyalty club discount.
  • You then should add the shore excursion to the shopping basket.
  • Once you have added all the excursions, go to your Shopping Basket and Complete Payment.

If you book two shore excursions on the same day, we would recommend you leave at least one hour between your excursions returning to the ship in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.  This would be at your own risk and refunds would not be made if your morning tour is delayed by traffic and you miss the afternoon departure.

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