Q. Can car parking be arranged at Southampton or at the airport?

Cruise and Passenger Services is the only valet parking service* recommended by P&O Cruises and the only available service inside the Southampton port estate.

*Valet parking not available on 2 night cruises. 

Complimentary Car Parking

On occasion, we may offer complimentary car parking at Southampton.

If you are eligible for complimentary car parking and this has been confirmed by P&O Cruises at time of booking, you must confirm reservation of your parking space no later than 10 days prior to departure.

Please note that Cruise and Passenger Services do not offer complimentary parking for those who have a disabled badge in their car and there are no such facilities offered at each of the terminals in Southampton.

Once booked, you will be sent a confirmation pack with all the details and a parking sticker for your car.



Arriving At The Terminal In Southampton.

Upon arrival at the correct terminal in Southampton, you will be directed into a drop off lane where you can unload your luggage (porters are available to assist). Your car is then checked-in and the keys left with Cruise and Passenger Services. You can then proceed to check-in whilst the car is driven by a specialist driver to a long stay car park where it will remain until the day you return. All car parks used are secure and are regularly patrolled both day and night.

Upon return, once you have reclaimed your luggage and passed through customs you should make your way to the car park where you are able to collect your keys and will then be directed to your car.


How to Book

To arrange your complimentary car parking in Southampton please call Cruise and Passenger Services (CPS) on 0345 071 3939 no later than 10 days prior to departure. Please note you can secure your space 72 hours after you have booked your cruise holiday.

To arrange your complimentary car parking at the airport please see How can I arrange car parking at the airport?

To arrange car parking in Southampton or the airport please visit the ‘Getting there & Back’ section on the Cruise Personaliser, or My P&O Cruises, telephone Cruise and Passenger Services on 0345 071 3939 or email: info@cruiseparking.co.uk


Full details of prices can be obtained, and bookings can be made on the Cruise and Passenger Services website. If you intend to take a trailer on your car, you will need to book two spaces and be charged appropriately.


Cancelling Or Transferring Your Booking

If your booking has complimentary car parking then there is no charge for the parking services to be cancelled and your car parking booking will automatically be cancelled along with your cruise booking.

If you have booked your car parking directly with Cruise and Passenger Services and paid them directly, then a cancellation charge is applicable if cancelled more than 48 hours prior to embarkation. If the booking is cancelled within 48 hours prior to embarkation, then the full amount of your parking costs are taken as a cancellation fee with no refund.

Should you transfer your cruise to an alternative sailing then you will need to rebook your parking with Cruise and Passenger Services whether you are booking independently with them or if your new cruise has the complimentary offer applied to it.

Please note that if the cruise you are transferring from has a complimentary car parking offer applied to it this may not necessarily be available on the cruise you are transferring to.


All alternative third-party car parking offered operates externally and has no affiliation to P&O Cruises. All third-party services are off-site and you will have a long transfer from the car parking facility to the port through busy road networks which can add a large amount of time to the transfer times advertised.

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