Q. What facilities are available from the Medical Centre on board?

There are a wide range of services and equipment on board our ships including, but not limited to:

  • ECG
  • Nebuliser
  • Oxygen
  • X-Ray
  • Pathology including blood tests such as INR (International Normalised Ratio), FBC (full blood count), U&E (urea & electrolytes) and LFT (liver function test)
  • In-patient Ward
  • 24 hr Emergency Medical Services
  • Variety of medications
  • Intensive Care

These facilities are not intended or designed to provide ongoing treatment of pre-existing medical conditions.

All our Doctors and Nurses on board our ships are fully qualified and trained to assist in emergency situations.

There is typically one Senior Doctor, one Doctor and approximately three nurses on board. The number of medical staff is dependent on the size of the ship.


Peritoneal dialysis (fluid) patients can travel with us but they must bring all their own supplies and equipment with them. They are also responsible for their own treatment and for arranging the delivery of their own fluid to the terminal prior to sailing, as without this they will not be able to travel.

None of our ships within the Carnival UK Brand are currently able to accept Haemodialysis (blood) patients.  Please visit www.dialysisatsea.com or www.dialysiswhilecruising.com which gives a list of ships that can provide these services.

Dental & Other Services

We do not offer dental services on board any of our ships.

We can supply the morning after pill.


Sharps Box / Medical Waste Disposal

A sharps container along with red (clinical waste) bags can be placed in your cabin/stateroom upon request prior to embarkation and is also available from your cabin/stateroom steward.


Whilst on board, should you require any medical assistance during your stay you will be charged for the services provided which will be added to your on board account. A charge of £55.13* is applicable for a consultation prior to any treatment or medication (You will be advised on board if a consultation is required) and approximate cost for an INR is £72.19*. 

Guests should ensure they have adequate medical insurance before travel.

*Costs are subject to change. 

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