Q. What are the different fare types?

We offer the following fare types: 

Select Price Fare

There is a wide range of accommodation available and you will be able to find the price for the cabin grade you would like by going online or calling us please visit our website for contact details, or your travel agent.  We reserve the right to vary particulars and prices shown in this brochure after the date of publications.

P&O Cruises Select Price, which come with a range of features:

  • they are available on all cruises, at all times
  • choice of cabin number (subject to availability)
  • first priority for dining time and table size in the main restaurants
  • first priority for upgrades (where and if available)
  • choice of on board spending money, car parking in Southampton, return coach travel to Southampton or airport parking (applies to Oceana Med fly-cruises sailing prior to 19 October 2016, Azura Caribbean cruises sailing prior to 18 March 2017 and Britannia Caribbean cruises sailing prior to 11 March 2017).  Available on cruises of 7 nights or more
  • 15% deposit
  • flexibility to change your booking (subject to our booking conditions)
  • shuttle buses (where available)

These benefits are subject to availability. For the latest prices and full terms and conditions, please visit pocruises.com.


Promotional prices

We may introduce an Early Saver price on selected cruises.  These are designed for those who want great prices, without all the benefits of the Select Price.  Features of the Early Saver include:

  • available on selected cruises, at selected times
  • available on selected grades of cabin (we'll assign your cabin number)
  • second priority for upgrades (where and if available)
  • second priority for dining seating time and table size**
  • 15% deposit
  • flexibility to change your booking (subject to our booking conditions)


**If you're travelling as a group and wish to guarantee that you will be seated together we recommend that you book our Select Price option. 

If you're interested in these prices, visit pocruises.com, call us please visit our website for contact details,  or talk to your Travel Agent to find out more. Other promotional prices may be introduced, these prices will be subject to more restrictive terms and conditions; no choice of dining time or table size; no choice fo cabin - other than telling us whether you want a inside, outside or balcony for example.


You may find the following question helpful:  What is included in the fare? and Are transfers included in the fare? 

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