Q. Why should I book a Round the World Cruise?



World Cruises 2019 & 2020

This is the journey you’ve always dreamed of. The journey of a lifetime, certain to ink indelible memories into your mind. This is your time to taste the captivating cultures, sample the exotic experiences, and behold the world wonders you’ve always longed to. This is more than a holiday. This is a life-changing adventure.


Arcadia’s Western Circumnavigation

There comes a time in life when you deserve to make your ultimate dream a reality. You can, when you board luxurious Arcadia in Southampton and set sail on The World Cruise – a 99-night circumnavigation of the globe. This three-month ocean odyssey will take you to some of the world’s greatest cities, to some of the most spectacular sights on the planet, across every time zone, and to just about every continent. You’ll visit as many as 23 countries and 31 ports. As Arcadia sails west you’ll visit iconic cities such as San Francisco, Sydney and Hong Kong, and paradise islands including Australia’s Whitsunday Island and Hawaii’s Honolulu.  Along the way, you’ll also have plenty of days at sea to unwind. We call Arcadia our indulgent explorer for a reason. She’s brimming with entertainment and relaxation. Glittering shows, inviting pools, dance classes, delicious dining – it’s all waiting for you. View full itinerary here.


Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys

Our Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys give you the choice to fly directly to, or home from, Australasia and enjoy a leisurely exploration in the other direction. On holidays from 41 to 61 nights long, you’ll visit as many as 20 ports including classic cruise destinations and lesser-known gems. These epic voyages offer rich and diverse experiences, with opportunities to experience the buzz of futuristic cities, the serenity of peaceful countryside, the tranquillity of pristine beaches and the idiosyncrasies of diverse cultures. Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys span 42-57 nights. View full itinerary here.


Exotic fly-cruises 

Enjoy the thrills of a World Cruise on a schedule that suits you. Pick the region you find most alluring and we'll find a holiday that takes in its highlights. Jet into to your dream destination, join your ship and start your exotic adventure. Do you yearn to cruise up the USA's West Coast, soaking up the laid-back essence of San Francisco? Or perhaps you see yourself sailing the Far East, marvelling at the glittering skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the peaceful temples of Bangkok and the pristine boulevards of Singapore. How about The Middle East, where you can explore the hidden city of Petra, and futuristic Dubai. Exotic fly-cruises span 17-42 nights. View full itinerary here.


Grand Tours

Our Grand Tours offer a grand time on Aurora! Embark on an adventure to the jaw dropping cities of South America and the USA and the relaxed islands of the Caribbean. Sailing roundtrip from Southampton, you’ll be bound for 55 nights of discovery. View full itinerary here.


You'll get a lot for your money

Cabins - Choose the type of cabin you want to travel in. They even have in-room tea and coffee making facilities, which is unusual for cruise lines, but we know we just couldn't start the day without a cuppa.

Daytime activities - Our daytime programmes include talks and interactive workshops, on subjects as diverse as history, current affairs, the natural world, art, dance and gastronomy.

Evening entertainment - Live music, comedy and shows, cinemas, nightclubs and more.

Food - Five course meals in the main restaurant every night. Daytime and evening buffets of every kind of food imaginable. Breakfast, snacks, afternoon tea and room service. In fact you can dine from early morning until late evening free of charge.

Sports & pools - each of our ships have swimming pools, golf nets and traditional deck games. There are also sport courts where everything from 5-a-side football, basketball, cricket and tennis can be played.



Suites Travel in ultimate style and luxury with our butler-serviced Suites, which come complete with a spacious balcony for uninterrupted ocean views.
Mini-Suites A balcony, lounge area, superior bathroom and some lovely special touches make our Mini-Suites a relaxing home from home.
Balcony When you're surrounded by an amazing ocean, or sailing into a beautiful new destination, you'll want to enjoy the perfect vantage point - your own private balcony.
Sea View (Outside) & Inside The perfect way to travel if you plan to spend most of your time out and about - they're also our most economical options.
Single Travel in a room designed just for you, our single cabins are spacious, comfortable and all yours. 


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