Q. What time can I check in and embark from?

We want your holiday to get off to a great start with quick and easy check-in and embarkation. 

Southampton departures

Due to the large number of guests embarking our ships, we operate a staggered check-in and embarkation process. You will be allocated an Arrival Time which can be found on your e-ticket. To ensure you spend less time in the terminal and more time on board, we kindly ask that you adhere as closely as possible to your allotted Arrival Time. 

The earliest Arrival Time is at 12.30pm, which is reserved for our Ligurian Tier and suite guests (see below). The latest time you can check in is one hour before the ship departs. 

Priority will be given to those who arrive at their allotted time. You are welcome to arrive earlier of course, but if you do we will ask you to make yourself comfortable in the terminal until we are able to check you in. This may well be before your allotted time, we promise we won’t make you wait around unnecessarily.


Arriving by coach

Guests arriving on our preferred partner, Intercruises coaches will be issued with a separate colour card before leaving the coach. This group letter will be called forward to check-in usually within 20mins of entering the terminal.

Any guest arriving on Eavesway or any other coach service, will be viewed as "independent" and given a coloured card according to their e-ticket arrival time. For example, if they have 15:00 on their e-ticket and they arrive at 13:00, we will give them a red card and they will be called forward as soon as we are able to slot them in. This doesn't necessarily mean they will wait until 15:00 but we should be clear that they will have a wait and will see other guests who have earlier e-ticket arrival times called forward to check-in ahead of them.


Peninsular Club Benefits

If you are a suite guest or a Ligurian Tier guest, you will enjoy early embarkation and will be allocated the first possible Arrival Time of 12.30pm. You will also have the use of an exclusive hospitality area within the cruise terminal, serving complimentary refreshments and snacks.

In addition, we're delighted to tell you that from now on, all Baltic and Caribbean Tier guests will be given an early Arrival Time of 1pm. You may find that there is a different time on your e-ticket, but we're working to correct this issue. In the meantime, Baltic and Caribbean Tier guests are welcome to arrive at the cruise terminal from 1pm, regardless of the time on your e-ticket, and we will check you in straight away.


Fly-cruise departures

If you are flying out to meet your ship, then you will find no Arrival Time on your e-ticket. On arrival at the airport in the destination, you will be met by one of our representatives and transferred to the ship.



Your E-ticket can be downloaded via the Cruise Personaliser approximately 40 days prior to departure. Please note that you will not be able to download your e-ticket until you have been allocated a cabin.

  • Bookings made on the P&O Cruises Select Price will have their cabin allocated approximately 42 days prior to sailing. Should you make a booking after this date you will be allocated a cabin where possible between approximately 28 – 16 days prior to sailing, in some cases a cabin is not yet available and these will be berthed between 16 and 1 day prior to sailing. 
  • Bookings made on the Early Saver Fare will have their cabin allocated where possible approximately 42 days prior to sailing, in some cases a cabin is not yet available and these will be berthed between 16 and 1 day prior to sailing. 
  • Bookings made on the Saver Fare will have their cabins allocated where possible approximately 16 days prior to sailing, in some cases a cabin is not yet available and these will be berthed between 16 and 1 day prior to sailing. 

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